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How to demonstrate ROI for records management programs – Part 1

Records managers usually have two things on their minds at this time of year: finishing up existing projects in time for the holidays and looking ahead to their programs for the coming year. As you plan your 2016 initiatives, you’ll inevitably come up against the question of ROI. What will your programs contribute to the bottom line?Read More

How RM can help the organization during difficult economic times – Part 2

In last week’s blog post we explored a few of the ways that records management teams can provide greater help to the organization during tough economic times. One of the ways was to provide improved information access to management teams, regulators, auditors and shareholders. Records retention was another way that records management can help. By maintaining greater vigilance over changing compliance requirements, RM can help keep the organization from dealing with compliance challenges during an already difficult time.Read More

How RM can help the organization during difficult economic times – Part 1

Recent economic difficulties have put organizations under intense pressure to adapt and make the changes necessary to ensure their survival. The silver lining of these tough times is that they give records managers a real chance to shine. Even if the downturn hasn’t directly affected your records management department, there is a lot you can do to help the organization as a whole. In a two-part blog post we explore some of the many ways that records management can step up and demonstrate greater levels of value in a challenging economy.Read More

Stop spending so much on records storage! Here’s how.

“Lifting the lid” on your company’s records storage practices can be a real eye-opening exercise. In most cases, a closer look will reveal inefficiencies that are driving up your record storage costs. While this is obviously bad news, it comes with a silver lining. Rethinking and revamping your approach to storage gives you the opportunity to create something more efficient than you’ve ever had before. This post offers tips to help you find those savings.Read More

Three ways your RIM program can do more for the bottom line

In the minds of our corporate colleagues, records management isn’t always associated with hard-dollar business outcomes. Despite a growing understanding of the valuable contributions made by records management teams, our colleagues still don’t immediately think, “Wow, those RIM folks saved us a ton of money last year!”, Or, “Thanks to the RIM department we totally […]Read More