5 Steps to Protecting Medical Records

Health practitioners know that the information contained in medical records is highly sensitive and personal, and properly protecting it means complying with the various regulations that apply to patient records. These documents also contain the information necessary to treat patients properly, so making sure they’re safe and accessible is key to the successful operation of […]Read More

Electronic Medical Records vs Paper: Surprising Results

In a recent primary care “Practice Challenge” researchers from St. Mary’s Research Centre, MedbASE Research and McGill University challenged participating clinics to review their patients’ records to identify those who would benefit from six different types of evidence-based interventions.Read More

Video: Reducing File Volume with Imaging and Automation

Imagine reducing your physical inactive records volume by 40 percent? Or being able to get rid of 50 percent of your admin files? In this short video, Courtney Bowens, Director of Operations for The Retina Group walks you through how TAB helped her team do just that.Read More