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How modern RIM professionals are staying relevant – Part 2

In a three-part blog post we are outlining the ways that modern RIM professionals are increasing the value they provide to the organization. In part one of our blost post we discussed how records managers are extending their reach beyond the filing and storage rooms. This allows them to apply their expertise in information architecture, […]Read More

How modern RIM professionals are staying relevant
How modern RIM professionals are staying relevant – Part 1

Many RIM professionals that we speak with struggle to obtain budget and attention within the organization. Why? One of the reasons is that RIM has traditionally been seen as a cost center: an expense to be minimized, rather than a value-add or investment. When this mindset prevails among top executives, RIM professionals can struggle to […]Read More

records and information management reader favorites February 2018
Reader favorites February 2018: Our most popular RIM resources

Our most popular resources this month cover cost savings, risk management and RIM training. Learn how to reduce offsite box storage expenses, how to protect your most valuable documents, and how to deliver a world-class RIM training program.   Tips for reducing your offsite storage costs Is too much of your RIM budget going to […]Read More

RIM policies and procedures: what they are and why you need them

Our series continues with a look at perhaps the most important part of a records management program: the policies and procedures manual.

Previously we looked at records retention, the second pillar and the “why” portion of our approach. Now we’ll get into the final pillar in the Corporate Governance Model – Corporate Policy and Procedure Development, the all important “who” component of the Roadmap.Read More