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The Roadmap to Compliance Series: Retention Schedules

This week we continue on TAB’s Roadmap to Compliance with a look at records retention schedules–what they are, why you need one, and how they work. Previously we looked at the Functional Classification System, the first pillar in the Corporate Governance model, the foundation of every good records management program. Retention schedules form the second […]Read More

Getting to Compliance with Records Management: A Roadmap Series

How do you get to compliance? We’ve put together a roadmap series to show you the way. Because the reality today is that government and the courts continually enact legislation and create laws which affect your company. Accordingly, you must be able to demonstrate due diligence and consistency of records management practices while ensuring the […]Read More

Welcome to the TAB Records Management Blog!

The rate of change in records management as a discipline is getting faster and faster every year. New challenges, especially around electronic records, are continually emerging. Old challenges, like space management, are becoming more acute as economic pressures increase. So how do you, cope with this ever-changing landscape? The answer is information–the right kind at […]Read More

Making the Business Case for Electronic Document Imaging

With paper-based material still accounting for about 30 per cent of all newly created corporate documents, many organizations today are considering electronic document imaging as a means of taming the paper beast and enhancing business performance. But given the financial and time investment needed to implement a document imaging program, getting consensus among senior decision-makers […]Read More

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