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How to assess your physical filing practices and identify any issues

Is it possible that you’re not managing your organizations records, but rather they are managing you? If panicked “All-Office” emails are common or if people are regularly searching for critical files after the information was needed, the answer may be yes. The following questions are designed to help diagnose how your organization uses and stores information.Read More

color coding numeric file classification
Six steps to improve your file classification- Part 2

In this two-part post we share six steps you can take to improve your current file classification process. In part one we shared insights about where to begin your classification project, and strategies for effectively subdividing your files. In part two we discuss the importance of retention schedules and useful coding tools for your files. […]Read More

Six steps to improve your file classification- Part 1

When it comes to effectively managing files, a functional classification system is the most efficient way to go. Whether you need to build a functional classification system from scratch or overhaul an existing system, this resource shows you how. It presents some basic principles of file classification along with practical strategies in developing and implementing the right system.Read More

Reader Favorites August 2018: Our most popular RIM resources
Reader Favorites August 2018: Our most popular RIM resources

Our most popular resources this month cover: Paperlite offices, smart storage, and mergers and acquisitions.   Creating the paperlite office: What you need to know This comprehensive resource is a must for any records manager looking to reduce the amount of paper in their organization. It covers: using records management best practices managing your existing […]Read More

Six ways to optimize your physical records

Physical records are necessary for day-to-day business operations, risk management and as evidence of regulatory compliance. With paper production up 180% in the past five years, and collections growing, it’s more important than ever to organize, manage and access files as efficiently as possible.Read More

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