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4 essential RIM practices to prepare for mergers and acquisitions

Records management teams have a key role to play in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. Whether big or small, the sale of any corporate asset must be supported by accurate and complete records. These provide buyers with historical information, compliance documentation and other crucial records. Most importantly, complete and accurate records help demonstrate the full value…Read More

Reader favorites November 2017: Our most popular RIM resources

This month’s roundup of popular resources covers document imaging, RIM outsourcing, and shared drive management. Guide: A best practice template for your imaging project This planning template provides a framework to help you create your own document imaging plan. Packed with tips and guidance on how to complete each section, the template helps ensure that…Read More

RIM policies and procedures: what they are and why you need them

One of the most important, yet overlooked, components of a records and information management program is the RIM policies and procedures manual. Why you need it Managing corporate information through oral procedures, random resolutions and proprietary decisions can lead to confusion and inefficiency, and will not stand up well under legal scrutiny. Documenting your RIM…Read More

How do you reduce physical file volumes? Get TAB SMART!

Any place where you find physical files, you also find a great deal of unneeded documents. We regularly see physical records collections containing over 50 percent non-record content. These non-records include duplicates, convenience copies, and documents that have passed their required retention period. Need help getting rid of unneeded documents? Our TAB SMART program is…Read More

4 records management best practices for maximizing storage capacity

If you want to save on records storage space, you can do that by deploying high-density shelving, which allows you to increase storage capacity by up to 330% in a given area. Another way to save is by evaluating your records management practices. Properly managing records can help reduce the volume of records, both now…Read More

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