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How to Plan a Centralized File Collection – Part 1

One of the most common questions in records management is whether to store records in multiple locations or in a single, centralized file room. Centralizing records has many benefits, but whether it is the right move depends on your organization and the specific needs of your team. If you have explored the pros and cons and are ready to move forward with centralization, our three part blog post offers tips and techniques to make your centralization project a success.Read More

Questions you need to ask before buying a shelving system

Purchasing a new shelving system for file folders and other media is not an easy task. There are so many options available and all with different features and benefits. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong shelving system can have a huge impact on the business – it can reduce worker efficiency, increase operating costs, and jeopardize security […]Read More

Stop spending so much on records storage! Here’s how.

“Lifting the lid” on your company’s records storage practices can be a real eye-opening exercise. In most cases, a closer look will reveal inefficiencies that are driving up your record storage costs. While this is obviously bad news, it comes with a silver lining. Rethinking and revamping your approach to storage gives you the opportunity to create something more efficient than you’ve ever had before. This post offers tips to help you find those savings.Read More

Why invest in custom file folders?

Getting the folder that meets your needs goes a long way to making sure your filing system is as functional as possible when it comes to workflow, retrieval, and security. If you are wondering if custom folders are a good fit for your organization, consider how they can help in the following areas:Read More

How to safeguard paper medical records

These days, most of the discussion about medical records involves the “big” issues like privacy and electronic health records. While these are certainly challenging issues that require much discussion and planning, we have found that basic safeguarding of medical records can get overlooked. In all the discussion about privacy security, it is essential to take care of the basics.Read More

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