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RIM in the age of legal discovery part 1
RIM in the age of discovery: Strategies for litigation-proofing your organization’s information – Part 1

Part 1: How to build a RIM program that addresses legal discovery before it happens This two-part white paper presents strategies for better supporting discovery at the proactive and reactive stages. Part 1 outlines six essential steps for integrating discovery requirements directly into your RIM program, including policies, records retention schedules, disposition processes and filing […]Read More

Five tips for getting the most out of your records digitization pilot

Although most organizations can agree that pilot projects in general have beneficial outcomes, your pilot project can run into numerous pitfalls if you do not get the basics quite right. Here are five tips to help you accurately execute the fundamentals so your project can start out on the right foot.   Tip #1 – Choose […]Read More

Six ways that a pilot program helps your digital transformation succeed
Six ways that a pilot program helps your digital transformation succeed

Pilot programs are a proven and effective way to minimize the risk of failures and maximize the benefits delivered by digitization initiatives. Here are six common ways that your colleagues are using pilot programs to ensure success when going digital: 1. Proving the business case From the outset of your pilot, look for quantifiable gains […]Read More

Celebrate Success
Effective change management for your digital evolution – Part 3

Our previous posts in this three-part series discussed the importance of recognizing office culture, accountability, inclusiveness, and the potential fears of your digital evolution for effective change management. In part three we explore where to begin when implementing your pilot project, and why you should celebrate every success of your pilot project. Tip #5: You […]Read More

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