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How to reduce costs during a corporate file move

Along with mergers and acquisitions, corporate moves are one of the biggest challenges a records management team can face. The thought of organizing, packing, and re-shelving entire record collections is one that sends a chill down the spine of most records managers. It’s a good thing corporate moves don’t come around that often! The silver…Read More

Four ways to save money and “go green” with your RM program

Many organizations have learned that doing the right for the environment is also doing the right thing for the bottom line. For example, consider the case of business travel for staff members. Replacing flights and long commutes with online meetings not only reduces the organization’s carbon footprint, it saves a lot of money on travel…Read More

Reader Favorites MAY 2017: Our Most Popular RIM Resources

Our latest roundup of popular resources starts with a  seven tips for developing a functional classification system. We also have a guide to managing paper and electronic files in the hybrid environment, and a guide to helping you add value to the organization during difficult economic times. 1. 7 Tips for Developing and Applying a…Read More

Learn How to Save Money in Records Management

Cost savings is one of the most common themes in our discussions with records management colleagues. Requirements and expectations only ever grow, while budgets remain fixed, and often inadequate. Our recent toolkit offers four resources that help you create a well-supported, effective RIM program that will help save money for the organization. The toolkit includes…Read More

Budgeting Your Imaging Project: Six Overlooked Cost Factors – Part 2

In last week’s blog post we introduced some of the hidden cost factors that can drive up the cost of your document imaging project. As we saw, you need to pay close attention to several things: the state of your current collection, the handoff process to the imaging team, and the process of applying naming…Read More