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How to Plan a Successful Document Imaging Project – Part 2

In last week’s blog post we kicked-off a four-part series on how to create a best practice plan for your document imaging project. We introduced the following key sections and covered off the first two in our list: Overview and Objectives ✔ Current Situation ✔ Resource Plan Project Design Scanning Design Post-scan Document Processing Change Management…Read More

How to Plan a Successful Document Imaging Project – Part 1

Planning a document imaging project is not easy. Not only do you have to work out a million little details, but the stakes are often quite high. Based on our clients’ past experiences and feedback from colleagues, we estimate that somewhere around 50 percent of document imaging projects fail to meet their objectives. Considering how…Read More

Best of 2016 Part 4: The Year’s Top RM Videos

We have arrived at the final installment of our four-part blog post on the most popular records management resources from the past year. Over the past four posts we have shared the top white papers, records management guides and case studies. In our final post, we are pleased to share the top records management videos…Read More

Best of 2016 Part 3: The Year’s Top RM Guides

  Today, we continue our four-part blog post looking at the top records management resources of 2016. So far we have covered the year’s top case studies and white papers. These covered a range of hot topics, including file acquisitions, space optimization and records management outsourcing, metadata, mergers and acquisitions, and managing electronic and paper…Read More

Budgeting Your Imaging Project: Six Overlooked Cost Factors – Part 2

In last week’s blog post we introduced some of the hidden cost factors that can drive up the cost of your document imaging project. As we saw, you need to pay close attention to several things: the state of your current collection, the handoff process to the imaging team, and the process of applying naming…Read More