Electronic records

Dealing with large documents… 4 steps to sanity

If your organization relies on regular access to large documents, you’ll know what a headache they are to manage. From blueprints and schematic diagrams to maps and historic records, large documents are harder to store, harder to access and harder to share. These challenges often lead to significant business inefficiencies that can hamper growth and…Read More

6 Tips for Making Cloud Records Storage a Success

Cloud services are everywhere these days, from data backup to music streaming, so it’s not surprising that the cloud has entered the world of records management too. For records managers, the cloud promises cheap and scalable on-demand document storage, which is a very exciting prospect. However, as with all new solutions, the cloud comes with…Read More

Three Handy Resources for Imaging and Electronic Records Management

A few weeks back we looked a list of the Top 100 records management resources on the web, which was recently compiled by members of a UK-based RM discussion group. Following up on that, this week’s post brings you some more helpful RM resources courtesy of the experts here at TAB, who are always working…Read More

Cloud records storage: solving the challenges of privacy and security

As covered in previous posts, there is a lot to consider when storing records in the cloud. First, there is the question of what happens to the legal status of records when they are moved into the cloud. Unfortunately the law is not always clear on the subject of cloud records storage, which introduces risks…Read More