Physical filing

Four space planning mistakes (and how to avoid them)

How do we make the most effective use of space? This is a continual challenge for records managers, who are often under pressure to accommodate more documents in a fixed or shrinking storage footprint. When space becomes an issue, it is often the result of decisions or mistakes made a lot earlier. To help you…Read More

How to reduce costs during a corporate file move

Along with mergers and acquisitions, corporate moves are one of the biggest challenges a records management team can face. The thought of organizing, packing, and re-shelving entire record collections is one that sends a chill down the spine of most records managers. It’s a good thing corporate moves don’t come around that often! The silver…Read More

Happy Holidays 2016 + a File Folder Craft

As we approach the end of 2016, many organizations are looking at ways to improve their RIM programs, and this may include reducing paper. Whether you’re considering a transition to an electronic records management environment or simply going “paperlite,” you’re bound to end up with unused file folders and equipment. So what do you do…Read More

RIM in Banking: How to Make Your Loan Vault More Efficient – Part 1

Loan files pose a unique challenge in the world of records management. For most types of loans, one or more paper documents must be retained as part of a loan file. Collectively, these documents can be thought of as the physical loans inventory. Over the life of the loan, multiple “touches” of these documents are…Read More

Questions You Need to Ask Before Buying a Shelving System

Purchasing a new shelving system for file folders and other media is not an easy task. There are so many options available and all with different features and benefits. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong shelving system can have a huge impact on the business – it can reduce worker efficiency, increase operating costs, and jeopardize security…Read More