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Reader Favorites: Our most popular records management resources

In our latest roundup of popular resources we bring you a white paper on how metadata can help you make your records management program more efficient. We also offer a guide to reducing your offsite storage costs, and an assessment tool to help you prepare for a document conversion. 1. How Metadata Works in Records […]Read More

A Practical Approach to Managing Shared Drives – Part Two

In last week’s post we shared the challenges of managing a shared drive at a mid-sized oil and gas company that had grown quickly through acquisition. After failing several industry operational audits, and with more acquisitions pending, the TAB team was engaged to redesign their shared drive. This week’s post focuses on the TAB methodology for this engagement with some tips and key takeaways from the project.Read More

A Practical Approach to Managing Shared Drives – Part One

Shared drives are a fact of life for many organizations, and when organized properly they can be very useful document storage and sharing tools. But, they can also turn into an unstructured wasteland of information if proper records management best practices aren’t applied. Poorly managed shared drives can lead to a variety of issues including compliance and legal risks, increased retrieval times, versioning issues and unnecessary duplication of documents. The TAB team has worked with many organizations, designing a shared drive infrastructure that makes finding documents and retrieving them simple and efficient.Read More

The Top 10 Records Management Blog Posts – Part 2

Last time out, we marked the milestone of our 200th blog post by highlighting some of the most popular posts over the past few years. This week we continue the list, counting down your top 5 blog posts. So far, the most popular posts have covered records management fundamentals such as records retention. The same holds true for our top five, which cover records classification, electronic folder structures and shared drives…Read More