Records management software

How to Get Ready for an Imaging Project: Part One

Your organization has decided to move forward with converting your documents into an electronic format via an imaging process. But is your RM program ready? Do you know which documents you will be able to discard? Would your converted documents stand up in courtRead More

Records Management Software: What’s Right for You?

Compliance, litigation and electronic records are just some of the factors that have organizations scrambling to get their records management program in order, and for many the answer is software. But choosing the right software solution can be a difficult and confusing process and our clients often want to know the best way to select a software solution.Read More

Electronic Medical Records vs Paper: Surprising Results

In a recent primary care “Practice Challenge” researchers from St. Mary’s Research Centre, MedbASE Research and McGill University challenged participating clinics to review their patients’ records to identify those who would benefit from six different types of evidence-based interventions.Read More

Welcome to the TAB Records Management Blog!

The rate of change in records management as a discipline is getting faster and faster every year. New challenges, especially around electronic records, are continually emerging. Old challenges, like space management, are becoming more acute as economic pressures increase. So how do you, cope with this ever-changing landscape? The answer is information–the right kind at […]Read More