Records management software

Shopping around for RM software? Technical questions you need to ask – Part Two

In last week’s blog post we started to outline the key technical questions to ask before purchasing records management software. Understanding the technical aspects of the solution up front helps avoid frustration and disappointment later on. Our first batch of questions looked at variety of factors, including: the vendor itself (how long have they been around,…Read More

What to look for in a hybrid RM software solution

In last week’s blog post we talked about how to overcome the top challenges when managing electronic and physical records together in the same environment. While policies and operating practices go a long way towards successfully managing the hybrid environment, another essential piece of the puzzle is the software that underpins your records management (RM)…Read More

Reader Favorites, July 2015: Our most popular records management resources

In this month’s roundup of our most popular RM resources, we take a look at a variety of records management and business issues. First, we address the loaded question of “RM software” and how to choose between the various options. We also have a white paper offering best practices for securing and protecting physical records.…Read More