Records management software

Shopping around for RM software? Technical questions you need to ask – Part One

When evaluating an RM software solution, it is essential to look beyond the features and benefits to understand the technical aspects of the solution. If a solution doesn’t work from a tech standpoint – then it simply doesn’t work! In the first of a two-part blog post, we’ll share some of the most important technical questions to consider as you evaluate a potential RM software solution.Read More

What to look for in a hybrid RM software solution

In last week’s blog post we talked about how to overcome the top challenges when managing electronic and physical records together in the same environment. While policies and operating practices go a long way towards successfully managing the hybrid environment, another essential piece of the puzzle is the software that underpins your RM program.Read More

Reader Favorites, July 2015: Our most popular records management resources

n this month’s roundup of our most popular RM resources, we take a look at a variety of records management and business issues. First, we address the loaded question of “RM software” and how to choose between the various options. We also have a white paper offering best practices for securing and protecting physical records. To round out our list, we offer a tool to help you manage incoming records from a merger or acquisition.Read More

RM 101: What exactly is RM software – in five bullet points or less

If you have been wondering what records management software is and why you’d need it, this quick overview answers the key questions! RM software keeps track of your records and where they are located. In the simplest case, RM software is used to track the most important documents in your organization – the actual records […]Read More