Records management software

RM 101: What exactly is RM software – in five bullet points or less

If you have been wondering what records management software is and why you’d need it, this quick overview answers the key questions! RM software keeps track of your records and where they are located. In the simplest case, RM software is used to track the most important documents in your organization – the actual records…Read More

Getting to paperlite: Insights from our recent webinar – Part Two

In last week’s blog post we shared some of the general questions that came up during our recent webinar, Getting to Paperlite. In the first round of Q&A, we learned about the importance of RIM fundamentals and talked about how to make the business case for paperlite. This week we focus on questions about the…Read More

Metadata: a better way to help users find electronic records

Helping users find electronic records is big challenge, regardless of whether those records are stored on a shared drive, in the cloud, or in an electronic document and records management system (EDRMS). Since there are a number of different ways users can find electronic records, we thought we would compare a few of the more…Read More

A two-pronged approach to better local government records management

Of all the environments in which we have helped organizations meet their records management goals, few are as challenging as local and regional governments. One of the things that makes municipal records management (RM) so difficult is the sheer variety in record types and formats. These include financial, water, waste, public transit, police and emergency,…Read More

How to get started with IA, metadata, and taxonomy for EDRMS implementations

In a three-part blog series, we are taking a look at the value that records managers can bring to the implementation of EDRMS systems. In our final post, we provide suggestions on how to successfully apply information architecture (IA), metadata, and taxonomy to EDRMS. As we talked about last week, information architecture, metadata and taxonomies…Read More