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Choosing a mobile storage system: what are your options?

In our last blog post we covered five key questions to ask when considering a mobile shelving system. This blog post picks up where we left off last week by outlining the key features to consider when picking out a mobile shelving solution.Read More

TAB rolling office filing storage system
Five questions to ask before selecting a mobile storage system

Mobile shelving units are a highly effective way to increase your file storage capacity and improve access to active records. However, not every mobile shelving solution will work well in every environment. There are many factors to consider before you can determine the optimal system. In the first of a two-part blog post, we will look at several important questions to ask before you start your search for a solution.Read More

How to prepare your paper records before going electronic – Part 2

In last week’s blog post we began a discussion of how to prepare for the move to electronic records. We learned that a key ingredient of a successful electronic migration is a foundation of records management best practices. With such a foundation in place, you can then focus on the steps required to prepare your physical collection for the move.Read More

How to prepare your paper records before going electronic – Part 1

We recently outlined several key planning steps before making the move to electronic records. These steps included understanding your business drivers, setting realistic expectations and laying a solid records management foundation. In a two part blog post, we will dive into more detail on what that RM foundation should consist of, and look how to prepare your paper records for the move.Read More

Reader Favorites, Aug 2015: Our most popular records management resources

In our roundup of the most popular records management resources of the past month, we look first at corporate moves. Files are not furniture, so this white paper offers three tips to help you relocate corporate records securely and efficiently. We also bring you a white paper on records management best practices for electronic records. Many of our readers also enjoyed our practical assessment tool to help you reduce document retrieval times.Read More