Physical filing

How to reduce lost files and speed up document retrieval

Does your company or department frequently receive “URGENT!” emails to all staff asking where a certain file is located? Have important files or documents gone missing in the last year? These are the classic signs of an inefficient file storage and retrieval system. And if these challenges didn’t provide enough incentive to improve your filing […]Read More

Reader Favorites, Feb 2015: Our most popular records management resources

Want to get better at storing and accessing your physical information? Our most popular resources from the past month offer tips to help manage physical files. We start with a discussion of file folders, helping you decide whether a custom folder would help you increase worker efficiency and save space. At the file room level, […]Read More

Are paper-based processes eating away at your productivity?

When we speak with business managers about their biggest concerns, operational efficiency is always pretty high on the list. The challenge is to continually improve productivity while: delivering to a high standard keeping costs low, and ensuring that your workers are happy. That can be a pretty tall order! Over time, you may start to […]Read More

Physical records: how to free up space and reduce storage costs – Part 2

In last week’s blog post we looked at how a program of records retention and destruction can significantly reduce the volume of paper documents. The program involves purging non-records, establishing retention schedules and following through with the documented destruction of records that have passed their retention periods. This week we outline several filing and storage practices that can free up additional space and save even further on the cost of storing physical records.Read More

How to reduce storage costs and make better use of floorspace – Part One

Most records managers have probably lost a bit of sleep over the years dealing with the issue of physical records. Storing and managing physical records has never been an easy task and the challenge is unfortunately getting harder. Why? On the one hand, physical record volumes have been growing steadily. Despite promises that paper would […]Read More