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One of the benefits of being at TAB is that we get to spend time with so many great records managers across the continent. This gives us the unique opportunity to learn about the challenges records managers are facing and to understand how they are solving their problems.

One of the biggest things we have learned from these visits is that no one does it alone in the field of RM. Records managers are always seeking out the expertise and experience of their colleagues in an effort to solve problems and stay on top of their game. There is a very real sense of community in the world of RM!

The Top Records Management Blogs

 The blogosphere is one of the many ways to find out what others are doing and gets tips for solving your challenges. Over the years, TAB has compiled a list of some of the best records management blogs on the web. As you will see, the blogs cover just about every imaginable angle in the world of RM.

The following is a sampling of the blogs in each category. Click the links to see more examples.

Records Management Association and Analyst Blogs

  • Digital Landfill, maintained by John Mancini, President of AIIM.
  • AIIM Community Blogs, full of excellent contributions by members of AIIM.
  • See more >

Content Management, ECM, Digital Records & Archiving Blogs

  • CMS Report, covering content management systems and their application.
  • Column Two, an intranet specialist firm covering content management systems.
  • See more > 

Legal, Technology and e-Discovery Blogs

  • ACEDS, full of helpful information from the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists.
  • Technologist: The FindLaw Legal Technology Blog, giving the inside legal view on e-discovery.
  • See more> 

Regional Records Management Blogs

  • The Texas Record, published by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.
  • The National Archives Blog, the official blog of the world-renowned National Archives in the United Kingdom.
  • See more> 

Records Management Consultant Blogs

  • SharePoint Records Management, featuring insights from ECRM expert, Don Lueders, CRM, CDIA.
  • Info Management Nuggets, from Chris Walker, information management analyst.
  • See more > 

Records Management News and Commentary

  • Digital Asset Management News, a site dedicated to all things related to DAM.
  • M Sarah Wickham, a recordkeeping practitioner.
  • See more > 

Records management blogs from the U.S. Federal Government

  • NARAtions, the official blog of the United States National Archives.
  • Records Express, the official blog of the Office of the Chief Records Officer at the National Archives.
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